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Why did God make us?

What the Bible says about God’s purpose for you and His desire for a personal relationship. Learn more

How should we live?

Does it matter to God how we live our lives? Here’s what the Bible has to say about how to live. Learn more

Who is Jesus really?

Fully man and yet fully God, Jesus said He came to save the lost. What exactly does that mean? Learn more

Can we trust the Bible?

It was written a long time ago. Is the Bible just an old book? How can we be sure of it’s accuracy? Learn more

Seeking new DEPTH in your faith?

Here’s your guide to growing in Christ.

Essentials of the Christian Faith is a 7-part study on what the Bible says about central aspects of the Christian life. This is not just for new believers! It will help anyone, including you, to grow in faith through a solid understanding of what it means to follow Christ. You’ll learn directly from Scripture, with answers to the most common questions people have about living in harmony with God. Start now!

Essentials of the Christian faith explores biblical truth about God, Jesus and other areas of the Christian faith